"Applying for the Teacher Mentorship Program at Shakti was the best thing I could have done as a new yoga teacher. Coming back from teacher training, I had all the basics down, but I still didn't feel comfortable being in the teacher's seat. TMP let me explore and experience being a confident teacher at my own pace, with guidance and coaching from a senior teacher. I feel very fortunate to have worked 1:1 with Lisa and Gina. Their feedback and support helped me find the authentic and powerful teacher within myself."-Angie Ma

"TMP is a fantastic way to ease into the world of teaching yoga. When you actually stand up in front of class and try to lead students through an asana practice, you realize how challenging it is. Be ready to drop what you think you know so you can learn and grow!"—TMP graduate and SHAKTI teacher

"The TMP is great because of the consistent education, hands-on assisting experience, practice teaching, supportive feedback, and strong community. I am now teaching a class at SHAKTI and my continuted involvement in the TMP fulfills me every time I walk into the studio - whether it is as a teacher or student." —Tina Montgomery



with Lisa Black and Senior Teachers

Ongoing Open Application Process
Applications available at ALL STUDIOS.

Application Fee: $75 (Includes a one-on-one session with Lisa Black or Gina Skene)

In this specially designed program developed by SHAKTI founder, Lisa Black, you will learn the basics for adjusting asanas and assisting students when practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. We will thoroughly prepare you to feel skilled and confident in this extremely important step in teaching yoga at SHAKTI East, West or Redmond. With our primary focus on authenticity, clarity, safe alignment, community, and fun, we offer this program as a way for you to develop into a respected and experienced yoga teacher.

Join this inspiring program and become a contributing member of our yoga community where you can empower people to be strong and balanced in their bodies, minds and spirits.

Pre-requisites: completions of the SHAKTI Baptiste Foundations and SHAKTI Teacher Assisting Program (TAP) workshops.

"Shaki is where I found my voice...
A friend recommended Shakti’s Teacher Assisting Program (TAP). From the moment I entered the doors of Shakti, the butterflies and trepidation dissipated while the excitement in my heart continues to grow and shine. Lisa and team welcomed me and provided me with the foundation and support from which I could grow and flourish. I did not know where it would lead. My journey began with TAP which gave me a deeper understanding of each posture in the Baptiste sequence and gave me the framework from which to build my teaching. I learned the mechanics of each pose and I gained the skill and confidence to assist another person and enhance their experience in their yoga practice.

Later, when I was accepted into the Teacher Mentorship Program (TMP), my journey continued. Those Tuesday and Thursday nights mentoring with Lisa Black and fellow TMPers (many who are part of the Shakti teaching team today) will forever be etched on my heart with incredible fondness. I was like the toddler learning how to walk. Every time I stumbled, Lisa helped me up; encouraging me to continue. Lisa helped me discover that it was not a fear of failing that holds me back; it is a fear to shine.

I manage Human Resources for a global advertising technology company and my Shakti training has been more invaluable to me than any performance or management training I’ve received in my corporate job. Through my experience at Shakti I’ve learned to how to give and receive feedback; I’ve discovered how to stand in my own power; I’ve learned how to let go of the things that don’t serve me and I’ve found the confidence to shine as brightly as the sun."--Deb Nielson, SHAKTI Select Teacher


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