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Jan 6
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This comprehensive, introductory 8-class series is designed for beginners or students new to SHAKTI and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. We meet twice a week (Tues/Thurs in Seattle/Bellevue or Mon/Wed in Redmond), where you will learn the basic alignment and form of the 53 postures that compose the 90 minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga practice. We explore yoga philosophy and helpful breathing techniques that inspire and empower you on and off your mat. Each class progressively builds on the previous one, preparing students to understand the progression of the 11 part series within the Baptiste flow. A senior instructor and teaching assistants lead the class and support you with personal hands-on adjustments and guidance. Many people enjoy taking the INTRO Series many times in order to soak up all the information and apply the knowledge to their practice. Demonstration, discussion, personal hands-on adjustments, and guided practice, provide you with a solid foundation of this dynamic style of yoga. The yoga studio is heated a comfortable 84-86 degrees.

Pre-register online or call to reserve your space at your preferred location by clicking on one of the above buttons.

Download the printable waiver form to bring to class the first night.

Each class, there will be a new theme and series of poses introduced. Below is a quick outline
of what will be covered in each class.

Class 1: Welcome to Intro! Saucha & Integration Series
Class 2: Ahimsa & Crescent Lunge Series
Class 3: Satya & Balancing Series
Class 4: Intentions & Triangle Series
Class 5: Ignite Your Power & Belly Backbend Series
Class 6: Be a Yes & Bridge & Wheel Series
Class 7: Commitment & Inversion Series
Class 8: Full Chatarunga & Series Closure

The beginning of each class will review what was covered in the previous class so even if you
need to miss a class, you’ll be able to jump right back into the Series! If you miss a class,
please arrive early to the next class in the Series and ask the Instructors what you missed -
they will be happy to assist you!


One Week Before Class…

• Begin to read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste to prepare for the INTRO Series.
This book will also serve as a resource for your yoga practice. The book can be
purchased via a number of online retailers or at any Shakti Vinyasa studio.

First Day of INTRO Series…
• Eat a light meal & hydrate at least two hours before class.
• Arrive early with plenty of time to find parking, change into yoga clothes, and prepare for
• Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Light clothing made with “wick
away” fabric is recommended as cotton T shirts can become heavy once laden with
• Be mindful of personal hygiene and come to class in clean yoga clothing. Refrain from
wearing any perfumes, colognes, gels, or lotions to class.
• Bring at least one large towel and washcloth to class. Your smaller towel may be used to
wipe away sweat from your body. The other is useful to stand on as your mat becomes
slippery. Yogitoes (Skidless shammy) can also be purchased in the retail boutiques and
are the best tool to use over your mat to keep from slipping (created for sweaty power
yoga classes).
• Bring a water bottle to class and come well hydrated! Drink water before, during, and
after class.
• SHAKTI Studios sell water, coconut water, light snacks, and mats, if you need to
purchase these before class. SHAKTI also offers rental towels and mats, if desired.

Once You Arrive at the Studio…
• Please sign in at the front desk before every class you attend. If you miss a class during
the series, ONE class may be made up within one week of your intro series end date. It
is a good idea to wait until the series is over and take a Level 1.5 class the following
week so you are more prepared.
• Bring only items you need for class into the space (mat, towel, water). Cubbies are
provided for your bags, shoes, and personal items. Please leave valuables at home.
• Thank you for silencing your cell phone and refraining from using it while you are in the
studio or locker rooms.
• Please tell the teacher or assistants if you have any physical injuries, limitations or if you
are pregnant. We can help you modify postures to support you.
During Class…
• Practice practicing safely! Only move to your edge that feels right for your body. Do not
push your body into pain as that can lead to injury. Allow the postures to feel good.
• Show up with an open mind and willingness to learn something new!
• Ask questions and have fun! Your Journey Into Power is just the beginning!

*Valid for 8 class INTRO Series only
*1 make up class may be redeemed at any regularly scheduled SHAKTI class within one week of the end of the series
*Expires 40 days after first date of use
*Intro Series Passes may not be extended, refunded, shared, transferred or discounted beyond it's orginal price with client applicable discounts. This pass is already discounted and not eligible for further discounts.

For the 8-class INTRO SERIES, students are allowed to make up one missed INTRO SERIES class within one week after the last class of that series, all INTRO SERIES PASSES EXPIRE 40 DAYS FROM FIRST DATE OF USE. After this time, no additional make-ups are permitted. If you have pre-registered for an Intro series but you are unable to begin the session, you may contact the manager to postpone your INTRO SERIES SESSION FOR ONE MONTH. Once you have started a series, you need to complete that session and may not transfer it to another series. Students are permitted to make-up INTRO SERIES classes at all three studios. You may upgrade from a regular introductory series to an INTRO PACKAGE on the first day of the INTRO SERIES, only.

If you have pre-registered for an INTRO SERIES but you are unable to begin the session, you may contact the manager to postpone your Intro Series Pass for ONE MONTH. Once you have started a series, you must complete that Intro Series Session and may not transfer it to another series. Students are permitted to make-up INTRO SERIES classes at all three studios. You may upgrade from a regular introductory series to an INTRO PACKAGE on the first day of the INTRO SERIES, only.

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